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Creating the path to financial freedom starts and ends with understanding and exploring what's important in life to you. At Integritas Wealth we ensure that your financial journey with us begins with that exploration. 


The team at Integritas Wealth Advisers are passionate about helping you envisage your dream life and then working with you to effectively develop and navigate your path to financial freedom. 

We work best with people who need a financial concierge approach i.e. an adviser who has the over-arching view of your entire financial life, someone who will put the financial puzzle together to ensure you are in the best position to achieve your dreams.


Our reputation for excellence and forward thinking has resulted in our clients being able to live their dream lives; all our advice clearly demonstrates the solutions you require and the protection you need to secure your financial freedom. 


When we ask our clients what they value in what we do the recurring response is, "You give us peace of mind that we are on track to achieve our goals."  


We pride ourselves on innovation, forward thinking and providing comprehensive tailored solutions.

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Effective Expertise


We provide and manage the solutions, so that you can live the life you have always dreamed of having. We are your financial concierge. We work with you to ensure all aspects of your financial life are looked after, through our own expertise and the expertise of our partners. 

Effective Solutions

How to grow your wealth

When you can retire

Wills and aged care

Managing money

Sourcing and organising home loans

Protecting you and your family

Business and tax planning

Savings and budgeting

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