Welcome to Integritas Wealth Advisers – a holistic financial planning firm in Melbourne dedicated to improving your health, growing your wealth and enriching your life.

Integritas, which is Latin for integrity, is the quality of being trustworthy and living with strong moral principles.


The word was chosen by us to serve as a reminder that honesty, ethical behaviour and a commitment to always doing what’s right for our clients is what we strive for no matter the outcome.


These values define our interactions and are woven into the very fabric of our business. And they’re the reason why our advice is the secret ingredient in the formula for a happy life.

Our wealth advisers in Melbourne believe there is no greater joy than seeing people just like you live the life they’ve always wanted. And the way we help you do this is by taking an approach where wealth is measured by your health and your life, not just your financials.




Wealth gives freedom. It allows us to blaze our own path in life and do the things that inspire us.


Our CEO, Stuart White, is proof that wealth in all areas of life is a powerful tool when it comes to following your passions. He himself competes in ironman triathlons, which have taught him anything is possible with discipline and the right attitude.


Stuart is therefore committed to Integritas Wealth Advisers and to showing clients that they can achieve their dream, simply by adopting a health, wealth, life philosophy.

Health enables us to participate in life


We believe that good health is vital in living life to the fullest. And that without it our hopes and dreams count for nothing.


Because of this belief Integritas Wealth Advisers has partnered with a team of health experts that includes personal trainers, dieticians, life coaches and mental health professionals. All of who can improve your health and unlock your true potential along the way.

Wealth enables us to feel connected


Wealth is to be shared with those closest to you - your friends, your partner, your siblings, your children.


It brings people together and provides a sense of security for families when circumstances suddenly change. Our role at Integritas Wealth Advisers is to act as stewards for these changes. Ensuring future generations can meet the road ahead with confidence and that you can still get the most out of your life.

Life enables us to grow, learn and achieve


We only get one go at life, so we might as well live it on our own terms.


This could mean visiting a foreign country, learning a new skill or simply experiencing what it feels like to be closer to your loved ones. No matter what path you happen to choose though, Integritas Wealth Advisers is here to show you how to be the best version of yourself.


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