About Integritas Wealth Advisers

A financial advisory firm in Melbourne that’s committed to your health, your wealth and your life.


We believe people are capable of extraordinary things when they’re connected with the right wealth advisers. We also believe that it’s a privilege to be a part of your dreams and your goals. Whether you want to travel the world, buy a car or start a new chapter post career, our wealth advisers in Melbourne are here to help you enjoy life.


It All Starts With Your Health

Life is short, so you need to do the things you’re passionate about.


This is something that Integritas Wealth Advisers’ CEO Stuart White has come to realise over the past 10 years. A realisation that’s also brought with it the understanding that health is the most important thing in determining the quality of one’s future. And that even though wealth will help you pursue your passions, it’s your health that enables you to enjoy them to their fullest.

Wealth Advisers Who've Got Your Back

You tell us your dream life. We show you how to achieve it.


When our clients tell us what they value most about Integritas Wealth Advisers, the recurring themes are that we look out for them, see things from a fresh perspective and that we’re flexible in our approach.


Essentially we’ve got our clients back. This means you can navigate the complexities of life’s decisions, confident in the knowledge our wealth advisers will put you in the best position possible to realise your goals.


Showing You That Anything Is Possible

Integritas Wealth Advisers prove anything is possible.


We feel a great sense of fulfilment when working with our clients. A feeling that begins when we sit down to discuss what’s most important in your life and continues long after you start ticking off your goals. This feeling of pride in helping people just like you is the reason why we do what we do. It both excites and motivates us to always go one better, both in business and in our personal life.


Take Stuart for example; he has proved to himself that anything is possible, as demonstrated by the video below courtesy of Ironman. This clip also gives you an insight into what motivates Stuart to do the best he can for his clients.


Take control of your health, wealth and life by calling Integritas Wealth Advisers in Melbourne on 1300 625 630

Anything is Possible
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